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Historical Versions of Zone Changes

Scans of the orginal zones applied to properties when Zoning was established

00A - Zoning Districts.pdf Download
00B - Zoning District Boundaries County Wide.pdf Download
01 University and College U Zone 1948.pdf Download
02 Riverside County M-3 Zone 1948.pdf Download
04 Cathedral City.pdf Download
04 Cathedral City (original).pdf Download
05 University 1968.pdf Download
05 University.pdf Download
06 Beaumont Banning.pdf Download
06a Beaumont-Banning.pdf Download
08 Anza- La Sierra.pdf Download
10 Cathedral City- Palm Desert (Index Map).pdf Download
10-1 Cathedral City- Palm Desert.pdf Download
10-2 Cathedral City- Palm Deser (Detail Map 2).pdf Download
10-2 Cathedral City- Palm Desert (Detail Map 2).pdf Download
10-2 Cathedral City- Palm Desert (revised 1968).pdf Download
10-2 Cathedral City- Palm Desert.pdf Download
10-3 Cathedral City- Palm Desert (amended).pdf Download
10-3 Cathedral City- Palm Desert.pdf Download
10-3b Cathedral City- Palm Desert (All City).pdf Download
10-4 Cathedral City- Palm Desert.pdf Download
10-5 Cathedral City- Palm Desert.pdf Download
11 Glen Avon (Revised 1979) from neg. film.pdf Download
11 Glen Avon.pdf Download
11 Glen Avon (Revised 1967) color.pdf Download
12 Desert Hot Springs (color).pdf Download
12 Desert Hot Springs (Sheet 2).pdf Download
12 Desert Hot Springs.pdf Download
13 Calimesa.pdf Download
14 La Quinta.pdf Download
15 Rubidoux (Revised 1967) color.pdf Download
15 Rubidoux.pdf Download
15 Rubidoux (color) 2.pdf Download
15-1 Rubidoux.pdf Download
15-2 Rubidoux.pdf Download
16 Idyllwild (Revised 1987).pdf Download
16 Idyllwild (VOID).pdf Download
16D Idylwild (Revised 1968) color.pdf Download
17 Hemet-San Jacinto Original (1957).pdf Download
17-2 Hemet-San Jacinto Feb 1969 (color).pdf Download
17-2 Hemet-San Jacinto.pdf Download
17-3 Hemet-San Jacinto.pdf Download
17-4 Hemet-San Jacinto.pdf Download
17-5 Hemet-San Jacinto.pdf Download
17-6 Hemet-San Jacinto.pdf Download
18 North Valle Vista color.pdf Download
20 Indian Wells.pdf Download
22 Thomas Mountain.pdf Download
23 Lake Elsinore (Revised 1967) color.pdf Download
24 Lower Berdoo Canyon.pdf Download
25-1 Edgemont-Sunnymead (index).pdf Download
25-1 Edgemont-Sunnymead (original index).pdf Download
25-2 Edgemont - Sunnymead.pdf Download
25-2 Edgemont-Sunnymead (original)color.pdf Download
25-3 Edgemont-Sunnymead (original).pdf Download
25-3 Edgemont-Sunnymead.pdf Download
25-4 Edgemont-Sunnymead (2).pdf Download
25-4 Edgemont-Sunnymead (original) (damaged).pdf Download
25-4 Edgemont-Sunnymead.pdf Download
25-5 Edgemont-Sunnymead (original).pdf Download
25-5 Edgemont-Sunnymead.pdf Download
25-6 Edgemont-Sunnymead (original).pdf Download
25-6 Edgemont-Sunnymead.pdf Download
27 Lakeland Village.pdf Download
28 San Gorgonio Pass.pdf Download
30 Bermuda Dunes (Original A).pdf Download
30 Bermuda Dunes (Original B).pdf Download
30 Bermuda Dunes (Revised 82).pdf Download
30 Bermuda Dunes.pdf Download
31 Cherry Valley 1961.pdf Download
31-1 Cherry Valley (Revised 1992).pdf Download
31-2 Cherry Valley (Revised 1987).pdf Download
32 Ramona (Revised 1991).pdf Download
32 Ramona 1965 (color).pdf Download
33 Mecca.pdf Download
34 Pinon Flats.pdf Download
35 Little Lake (Revised 68).pdf Download
35 Little Lake (Revised 87).pdf Download
35 Little Lake (Revised 91).pdf Download
36 Lake Matthews.pdf Download
36-1 Lake Matthews.pdf Download
36-2 Lake Matthews.pdf Download
37 Norco.pdf Download
38 Prado - Mira Loma (color).pdf Download
38 Prado - Mira Loma.pdf Download
38 Prado-Mira Loma (Revised 91).pdf Download
39 Pedley.pdf Download
40 Thousand Palms (Revised 1992).pdf Download
40 Thousand Palms.pdf Download
41-1 Lower Coachella Valley (VOID).pdf Download
41-1 Lower Coachella Valley (Revised 1992).pdf Download
41-2 Lower Coachella Valley.pdf Download
41-2 Lower Coachella Valley (Revised 1988).pdf Download
41-3 Lower Coachella Valley.pdf Download
41-3 Lower Coachella Valley (Revised 1989).pdf Download
41-4 Lower Coachella Valley (VOID).pdf Download
41-4 Lower Coachella Valley (Revised 1987).pdf Download
41-5 Lower Coachella Valley (VOID).pdf Download
41-5 Lower Coachella Valley (Revised 1984).pdf Download
41-6 Lower Coachella Valley (VOID).pdf Download
41-A Lower Coachella Valley.pdf Download
42 North Riverside.pdf Download
43 Banning Heights original (color).pdf Download
43 Banning Heights.pdf Download
45 El Cerrito (Revised 1978).pdf Download
45 El Cerrito (Revised 1991).pdf Download
45 El Cerrito Adopted 1964 (Revised 1967) color.pdf Download
46 Menifee 1968 (Sun City Area) color.pdf Download
46-1 Sun City (Revised 1991).pdf Download
46-1 Sun City (Revised 1992).pdf Download
46-2 Sun City (Revised 1991).pdf Download
46-2 Sun City (Revised 1992).pdf Download
46-U Sun City (CZ02542, 1978).pdf Download
47 Blythe (Revised 1966).pdf Download
47 Blythe (Revised 67).pdf Download
47 Blythe.pdf Download
48 Meadow Brook.pdf Download
49 East Corona (detail area).pdf Download
49 East Corona.pdf Download
50 Painted Hills.pdf Download
50 Painted Hills (color original).pdf Download
51 Ripley (Revised 1965).pdf Download
51 Ripley (Revised 1977).pdf Download
52 El Cariso.pdf Download
53 Quail Valley.pdf Download
54 Pine Cove.pdf Download
55 Perris Reservoir (Revised 1992).pdf Download
55 Perris Reservoir.pdf Download
56 Gavilan Hills.pdf Download
57 Cajalco.pdf Download
58 Pass & Desert.pdf Download
58-1 Pass & Desert Index.pdf Download
58-2 Pass & Desert.pdf Download
58-3 Pass & Desert.pdf Download
58-4 Pass & Desert.pdf Download
58-5 Pass & Desert.pdf Download
58-6 Pass & Desert Index.pdf Download
58-7 Pass & Desert Index.pdf Download
59 Woodcrest (Revised 1992).pdf Download
59 Woodcrest (VOID) b_w.pdf Download
59 Woodcrest (VOID).pdf Download
60 Sky Valley (Revised 1971).pdf Download
60 Sky Valley Rrevised 1988).pdf Download
60 Sky Valley.pdf Download
61 Canyon Lake.pdf Download
62 Mead Valley.pdf Download
63 Valle Vista.pdf Download
64-1 Garner Valley.pdf Download
64-2 Garner Valley.pdf Download
65 Cabazon.pdf Download
99 Zoning Area - 66 R-R-O (Active_).pdf Download
99 Zoning Area - CZ01621 Chuckwalla - Map 2.295 Ord. 348.1355.pdf Download
99 Zoning Area -Map 2 Riverside County M-3 Zone 1948.pdf Download
99 Zoning Area -Temecula Rancho Zoning Area.pdf Download

Scans of the modifcations to the orginal zoning by Change of Zones

CZ02170.pdf Download
CZ02648.pdf Download
CZ03056.pdf Download
CZ04014.pdf Download
CZ04015.pdf Download
CZ04654.pdf Download
CZ05062.pdf Download
CZ05086.pdf Download
CZ05252.pdf Download
CZ05285.pdf Download
CZ05433.pdf Download
CZ05492.pdf Download
CZ05514.pdf Download
CZ05533.pdf Download
CZ05616.pdf Download
CZ05641.pdf Download
CZ05696.pdf Download
CZ05745.pdf Download
CZ05782.pdf Download
CZ05789.pdf Download
CZ05845_LowRes.pdf Download
CZ05932.pdf Download
CZ05947.pdf Download
CZ05987B.pdf Download
CZ06003.pdf Download
CZ06013.pdf Download
CZ06016.pdf Download
CZ06156.pdf Download
CZ06164 (2).pdf Download
CZ06164.pdf Download
CZ06216_and_CZ06845.pdf Download
CZ06237.pdf Download
CZ06318.pdf Download
CZ06418.pdf Download
CZ06446.pdf Download
CZ06463.pdf Download
CZ06473.pdf Download
CZ06478 (2).pdf Download
CZ06478.pdf Download
CZ06509.pdf Download
CZ06517.pdf Download
CZ06521.pdf Download
CZ06524.pdf Download
CZ06597.pdf Download
CZ06605.pdf Download
CZ06609.pdf Download
CZ06635.pdf Download
CZ06651.pdf Download
CZ06656.pdf Download
CZ06662.pdf Download
CZ06698.pdf Download
CZ06702.pdf Download
CZ06703.pdf Download
CZ06729.pdf Download
CZ06730.pdf Download
CZ06742.pdf Download
CZ06747.pdf Download
CZ06748.pdf Download
CZ06749.pdf Download
CZ06758.pdf Download
CZ06759.pdf Download
CZ06761.pdf Download
CZ06763.pdf Download
CZ06764.pdf Download
CZ06768.pdf Download
CZ06772.pdf Download
CZ06777.pdf Download
CZ06782.pdf Download
CZ06787.pdf Download
CZ06809.pdf Download
CZ06819.pdf Download
CZ06825.pdf Download
CZ06827.pdf Download
CZ06834.pdf Download
CZ06836.pdf Download
CZ06842.pdf Download
CZ06845.pdf Download
CZ06845_and_CZ06216.pdf Download
CZ06847.pdf Download
CZ06848.pdf Download
CZ06850.pdf Download
CZ06851.pdf Download
CZ06852.pdf Download
CZ06854.pdf Download
CZ06862 (2).pdf Download
CZ06862.pdf Download
CZ06863.pdf Download
CZ06864.pdf Download
CZ06865.pdf Download
CZ06869.pdf Download
CZ06871.pdf Download
CZ06874.pdf Download
CZ06876.pdf Download
CZ06880.pdf Download
CZ06885.pdf Download
CZ06886.pdf Download
CZ06889.pdf Download
CZ06893.pdf Download
CZ06896.pdf Download
CZ06902.pdf Download
CZ06904.pdf Download
CZ06905.pdf Download
CZ06907.pdf Download
CZ06908.pdf Download
CZ06910.pdf Download
CZ06912.pdf Download
CZ06916.pdf Download
CZ06917.pdf Download
CZ06918.pdf Download
CZ06921.pdf Download
CZ06922.pdf Download
CZ06923.pdf Download
CZ06924.pdf Download
CZ06925.pdf Download
CZ06926.pdf Download
CZ06928.pdf Download
CZ06929.pdf Download
CZ06930.pdf Download
CZ06933.pdf Download
CZ06934.pdf Download
CZ06937.pdf Download
CZ06939.pdf Download
CZ06940.pdf Download
CZ06941.pdf Download
CZ06942.pdf Download
CZ06947.pdf Download
CZ06949.pdf Download
CZ06950.pdf Download
CZ06952.pdf Download
CZ06954.pdf Download
CZ06955.pdf Download
CZ06957.pdf Download
CZ06964.pdf Download
CZ06966.pdf Download
CZ06967.pdf Download
CZ06968.pdf Download
CZ06969.pdf Download
CZ06970.pdf Download
CZ06974.pdf Download
CZ06975.pdf Download
CZ06976.pdf Download
CZ06977.pdf Download
CZ06978.pdf Download
CZ06981.pdf Download
CZ06986.pdf Download
CZ06987.pdf Download
CZ06989.pdf Download
CZ06991.pdf Download
CZ06993.pdf Download
CZ06995.pdf Download
CZ06996.pdf Download
CZ06999.pdf Download
CZ07005.pdf Download
CZ07007.pdf Download
CZ07008.pdf Download
CZ07010.pdf Download
CZ07011.pdf Download
CZ07012.pdf Download
CZ07013.pdf Download
CZ07014.pdf Download
CZ07015.pdf Download
CZ07017.pdf Download
CZ07018.pdf Download
CZ07019.pdf Download
CZ07025.pdf Download
CZ07027.pdf Download
CZ07029.pdf Download
CZ07031.pdf Download
CZ07032.pdf Download
CZ07033.pdf Download
CZ07034.pdf Download
CZ07035.pdf Download
CZ07037.pdf Download
CZ07040.pdf Download
CZ07042.pdf Download
CZ07043.pdf Download
CZ07046.pdf Download
CZ07049.pdf Download
CZ07052.pdf Download
CZ07054.pdf Download
CZ07055_2010.pdf Download
CZ07055_2017.pdf Download
CZ07056.pdf Download
CZ07058.pdf Download
CZ07059.pdf Download
CZ07064.pdf Download
CZ07065.pdf Download
CZ07068.pdf Download
CZ07070.pdf Download
CZ07071.pdf Download
CZ07073.pdf Download
CZ07075.pdf Download
CZ07076.pdf Download
CZ07078.pdf Download
CZ07082.pdf Download
CZ07086.pdf Download
CZ07087.pdf Download
CZ07090.pdf Download
CZ07092.pdf Download
CZ07095.pdf Download
CZ07100.pdf Download
CZ07103.pdf Download
CZ07104.pdf Download
CZ07106.pdf Download
CZ07107.pdf Download
CZ07109.pdf Download
CZ07110.pdf Download
CZ07112.pdf Download
CZ07113.pdf Download
CZ07114.pdf Download
CZ07116.pdf Download
CZ07120.pdf Download
CZ07123.pdf Download
CZ07127.pdf Download
CZ07130.pdf Download
CZ07134.pdf Download
CZ07136.pdf Download
CZ07137.pdf Download
CZ07138.pdf Download
CZ07141.pdf Download
CZ07143.pdf Download
CZ07145.pdf Download
CZ07147.pdf Download
CZ07148.pdf Download
CZ07151.pdf Download
CZ07152.pdf Download
CZ07154.pdf Download
CZ07158.pdf Download
CZ07160.pdf Download
CZ07161.pdf Download
CZ07163.pdf Download
CZ07165.pdf Download
CZ07167.pdf Download
CZ07168.pdf Download
CZ07169.pdf Download
CZ07170.pdf Download
CZ07171.pdf Download
CZ07175.pdf Download
CZ07176.pdf Download
CZ07177.pdf Download
CZ07179.pdf Download
CZ07184.pdf Download
CZ07185.pdf Download
CZ07186.pdf Download
CZ07187.pdf Download
CZ07189.pdf Download
CZ07189b.pdf Download
CZ07191.pdf Download
CZ07194.pdf Download
CZ07196.pdf Download
CZ07200.pdf Download
CZ07201.pdf Download
CZ07203.pdf Download
CZ07209.pdf Download
CZ07212.pdf Download
CZ07213.pdf Download
CZ07214.pdf Download
CZ07215.pdf Download
CZ07218.pdf Download
CZ07219.pdf Download
CZ07222.pdf Download
CZ07228.pdf Download
CZ07231.pdf Download
CZ07234.pdf Download
CZ07236.pdf Download
CZ07241.pdf Download
CZ07242.pdf Download
CZ07243.pdf Download
CZ07247.pdf Download
CZ07249.pdf Download
CZ07250.pdf Download
CZ07251.pdf Download
CZ07252.pdf Download
CZ07258.pdf Download
CZ07261.pdf Download
CZ07263.pdf Download
CZ07267.pdf Download
CZ07272.pdf Download
CZ07273.pdf Download
CZ07275.pdf Download
CZ07279.pdf Download
CZ07282.pdf Download
CZ07284.pdf Download
CZ07285.pdf Download
CZ07291.pdf Download
CZ07292.pdf Download
CZ07299.pdf Download
CZ07300.pdf Download
CZ07302.pdf Download
CZ07304.pdf Download
CZ07306.pdf Download
CZ07307.pdf Download
CZ07308.pdf Download
CZ07311.pdf Download
CZ07312.pdf Download
CZ07317.pdf Download
CZ07318.pdf Download
CZ07320.pdf Download
CZ07326 (2).pdf Download
CZ07326.pdf Download
CZ07329.pdf Download
CZ07330.pdf Download
CZ07332.pdf Download
CZ07333.pdf Download
CZ07335.pdf Download
CZ07340.pdf Download
CZ07341.pdf Download
CZ07342.pdf Download
CZ07344.pdf Download
CZ07345.pdf Download
CZ07346.pdf Download
CZ07352.pdf Download
CZ07355.pdf Download
CZ07358.pdf Download
CZ07359.pdf Download
CZ07360.pdf Download
CZ07365.pdf Download
CZ07369.pdf Download
CZ07370.pdf Download
CZ07372.pdf Download
CZ07373.pdf Download
CZ07376.pdf Download
CZ07380.pdf Download
CZ07382.pdf Download
CZ07383.pdf Download
CZ07384.pdf Download
CZ07389.pdf Download
CZ07395.pdf Download
CZ07396.pdf Download
CZ07398.pdf Download
CZ07399.pdf Download
CZ07401.pdf Download
CZ07402.pdf Download
CZ07404.pdf Download
CZ07407.pdf Download
CZ07410.pdf Download
CZ07411.pdf Download
CZ07413.pdf Download
CZ07414.pdf Download
CZ07416 (2).pdf Download
CZ07416.pdf Download
CZ07416b.pdf Download
CZ07417.pdf Download
CZ07421.pdf Download
CZ07422.pdf Download
CZ07423.pdf Download
CZ07426.pdf Download
CZ07430.pdf Download
CZ07432.pdf Download
CZ07433.pdf Download
CZ07434.pdf Download
CZ07435.pdf Download
CZ07436.pdf Download
CZ07444.pdf Download
CZ07445.pdf Download
CZ07448.pdf Download
CZ07449.pdf Download
CZ07452.pdf Download
CZ07453.pdf Download
CZ07454.pdf Download
CZ07458.pdf Download
CZ07459.pdf Download
CZ07460.pdf Download
CZ07461.pdf Download
CZ07466.pdf Download
CZ07467.pdf Download
CZ07468.pdf Download
CZ07472.pdf Download
CZ07475.pdf Download
CZ07477.pdf Download
CZ07480.pdf Download
CZ07481.pdf Download
CZ07483.pdf Download
CZ07484.pdf Download
CZ07492.pdf Download
CZ07493.pdf Download
CZ07494.pdf Download
CZ07500.pdf Download
CZ07511.pdf Download
CZ07513.pdf Download
CZ07516.pdf Download
CZ07517.pdf Download
CZ07518.pdf Download
CZ07519.pdf Download
CZ07520.pdf Download
CZ07521.pdf Download
CZ07522.pdf Download
CZ07529.pdf Download
CZ07531.pdf Download
CZ07533.pdf Download
CZ07535.pdf Download
CZ07542.pdf Download
CZ07543.pdf Download
CZ07551.pdf Download
CZ07556.pdf Download
CZ07563.pdf Download
CZ07568.pdf Download
CZ07569.pdf Download
CZ07582.pdf Download
CZ07585.pdf Download
CZ07586.pdf Download
CZ07593.pdf Download
CZ07597.pdf Download
CZ07600.pdf Download
CZ07601.pdf Download
CZ07604.pdf Download
CZ07605.pdf Download
CZ07612.pdf Download
CZ07617.pdf Download
CZ07620.pdf Download
CZ07621.pdf Download
CZ07623.pdf Download
CZ07624.pdf Download
CZ07625.pdf Download
CZ07626.pdf Download
CZ07627.pdf Download
CZ07629.pdf Download
CZ07632.pdf Download
CZ07639.pdf Download
CZ07644.pdf Download
CZ07648.pdf Download
CZ07649.pdf Download
CZ07650.pdf Download
CZ07654.pdf Download
CZ07656.pdf Download
CZ07657.pdf Download
CZ07660.pdf Download
CZ07672 18x26.pdf Download
CZ07672.pdf Download
CZ07673.pdf Download
CZ07675.pdf Download
CZ07677.pdf Download
CZ07678.pdf Download
CZ07679.pdf Download
CZ07680.pdf Download
CZ07692.pdf Download
CZ07694.pdf Download
CZ07695.pdf Download
CZ07698.pdf Download
CZ07699.pdf Download
CZ07704_Jurupa_Valley.pdf Download
CZ07706.pdf Download
CZ07708.pdf Download
CZ07709.pdf Download
CZ07710.pdf Download
CZ07713.pdf Download
CZ07714.pdf Download
CZ07715.pdf Download
CZ07717.pdf Download
CZ07718.pdf Download
CZ07720.pdf Download
CZ07722.pdf Download
CZ07723.pdf Download
CZ07725.pdf Download
CZ07726.pdf Download
CZ07730.pdf Download
CZ07733.pdf Download
CZ07738.pdf Download
CZ07739.pdf Download
CZ07741.pdf Download
CZ07742.pdf Download
CZ07746.pdf Download
CZ07749.pdf Download
CZ07752.pdf Download
CZ07753.pdf Download
CZ07755.pdf Download
CZ07757.pdf Download
CZ07758.pdf Download
CZ07761.pdf Download
CZ07762.pdf Download
CZ07763.pdf Download
CZ07764.pdf Download
CZ07767.pdf Download
CZ07768.pdf Download
CZ07769.pdf Download
CZ07770.pdf Download
CZ07773.pdf Download
CZ07775.pdf Download
CZ07779.pdf Download
CZ07780.pdf Download
CZ07785.pdf Download
CZ07786.pdf Download
CZ07788.pdf Download
CZ07789.pdf Download
CZ07793.pdf Download
CZ07794.pdf Download
CZ07796.pdf Download
CZ07797.pdf Download
CZ07799.pdf Download
CZ07802.pdf Download
CZ07803.pdf Download
CZ07806.pdf Download
CZ07807.pdf Download
CZ07809.pdf Download
CZ07810.pdf Download
CZ07811.pdf Download
CZ07813.pdf Download
CZ07816.pdf Download
CZ07821.pdf Download
CZ07822.pdf Download
CZ07823.pdf Download
CZ07825.pdf Download
CZ07827.pdf Download
CZ07829.pdf Download
CZ07830.pdf Download
CZ07832.pdf Download
CZ07834.pdf Download
CZ07835.pdf Download
CZ07836.pdf Download
CZ07837.pdf Download
CZ07838.pdf Download
CZ07840.pdf Download
CZ07841.pdf Download
CZ07842.pdf Download
CZ07843.pdf Download
CZ07845.pdf Download
CZ07846.pdf Download
CZ07848.pdf Download
CZ07852.pdf Download
CZ07855.pdf Download
CZ07856.pdf Download
CZ07857.pdf Download
CZ07860.pdf Download
CZ07861.pdf Download
CZ07863.pdf Download
CZ07865.pdf Download
CZ07867.pdf Download
CZ07875.pdf Download
CZ07877.pdf Download
CZ07886.pdf Download
CZ07888.pdf Download
CZ07892.pdf Download
CZ07896.pdf Download
CZ07898.pdf Download
CZ07908.pdf Download
CZ07910.pdf Download
CZ07917.pdf Download
CZ07920.pdf Download
CZ07924.pdf Download
CZ07929.pdf Download
CZ07933.pdf Download
CZ07935.pdf Download