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Announcement: New Development Applications!

Starting Monday, March 16, 2020, the Planning Department is beginning the implementation of a new Consolidated Development Application.

In order to streamline the Development application filing process with the County Planning Department, the previously used 45 development applications have been condensed down into a single Consolidated Development Application package.

The Consolidated Development Application package consists of 3 basic components.  The first component is the General Application Form.  The second component is the Applicant/Property Owner Signature Form.  The third component is an applicable Supplemental Information Form.  And, as before, there are Filing Instructions Handouts to aid an applicant to ensure their Development Application Form package is complete and contains all of the necessary components. New application materials can be accessed below. The Planning Department will continue to accept prior versions of the development application forms until futher notice.

Planning applications may be submitted online through PLUS Online. Please see instructions for submitting online by clicking HERE.
Solicitudes de planificación pueden enviarse en línea a través de PLUS Online. Por favor, consulte las instrucciones.

File Information

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Last Updated: 06/30/16

Application Information

Please refer to the Planning Dept. Fee Schedule to determine if your application type is a Flat Fee or a Deposit Based Fee.

Consolidated Development Application Directions Presentation

    Development Application


        General Application Form 

        Applicant-Property Owner Signature Form

    Supplemental Information Forms

       Agricultural Dwelling Supplemental Information Form

       Agricultural Preserve Supplemental Information Form

       Change of Zone Supplemental Information Form

       Development Agreement Supplemental Information Form

       Extension of Time Supplemental Information Form

       Expedited Review Process (ERP) for a Single Family Residence Supplemental Information Form

       Food Truck Supplemental Information Form

       Geologic Report Review Supplemental Information Form

       General Plan Amendment Supplemental Information Form

       Habitat Aquisition and Negotiation Strategy (HANS) Supplemental Information Form

       Habitat Aquisition and Negotiation Strategy (HANS) Lite - GPA or CZ Supplemental Information Form 

       Temporary Event Supplemental Information Form

       Misc. Permit Supplemental Information Form

       Non-Conforming Use Plot Plan Supplemental Information Form

       Solar Power Plant Supplemental Information Form

       Special Multiple Family Development Review Supplemental Information Form

       Specific Plan, Specific Plan Amendment or Specific Plan Substantial Conformance Supplemental Information Form

       Substantial Conformance to Minor Plot Plan Supplemental  Information Form

       Substantial Conformance to Plot Plan or Use Permit Supplemental  Information Form

       Subdivision Map or Use Permit Supplemental Information Form

       Surface Mining Permit-Reclamation Plan Supplemental Information Form

       Wind Energy Conversion System Supplemental Information Form

       Paleontological Report Review Form - June 2023

    Filing Instructions


    Request Forms

         Request for Appeal Form

         Request for Application Withdrawal or Rights Transfer Form

         Request for Deposit for Planning Research Form

         Request for Pre-Application Review (PAR) Form

         Request for Planning Clearance on Rough Grading Permit Form

         Request for Planning Condition Clearance Form

         Request for Temporary Expansion of Food Service Form

          Request for Zoning Affidavit or Rebuild Letter Form

    Miscellaneous Exhibits/Materials

         Additional Property Owners Sheet    

         Agricultural Preserve Soils Conservation Plan Information Sheet

         Commercial Cannabis Background Check Form

         Concurrent Processing Form (TLMA)

         Expedited Review Process (ERP) Site Plan Example

         SB35 SMF Design Review Processing Flowchart

         Project Specific Water Quality Management Plan (WQMP) Checklists:

           Santa Ana Region WQMP Checklist Form
           Santa Margarita Region WQMP Checklist Form
           Santa Margarita Region Other Development Project WQMP Checklist Form
           Whitewater Region WQMP Checklist Form