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Qualified Environmental Impact Report (EIR) Consultants

Getting Added to the List

Are you a consulting firm interested in being added to our Qualified EIR Consultant's list? If so, please read the following:

Guidelines for Addition to the Official List


Information, Memorandum of Understanding and Consultant List

The County of Riverside maintains a policy that prior to the preparation of any Environmental Impact Report (EIR), the project applicant select an EIR Consultant deemed qualified by the County of Riverside. For the purposes of identifying acceptable EIR Consultants, the County of Riverside will maintain a List of Qualified Environmental Impact Report Consultants. The Project Applicant, the EIR Consultant, and the County must execute a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) regarding the establishment of rights and responsibilities as it relates to the preparation and handling of an EIR.

The EIR Consultant is required to agree in the MOU to provide the draft and final EIRs to the County concurrently with the submittal of the documents to the project applicant. Additionally, the EIR Consultant will certify that all pertinent environmental information has been disclosed to the County, and that no pertinent information has been omitted or deliberately withheld from the County. Furthermore, the EIR Consultant and any subcontracted consultants shall not enter into any form of confidentiality agreement with the project applicant that would prohibit disclosure of information to the County or other public agencies. The EIR Consultant shall ensure that the EIR and all related documents are prepared utilizing accurate and verifiable field techniques and professional work performance standard, in conformance with all applicable CEQA requirements, and other County, State and Federal rules, regulations and laws; and the EIR Consultant must verify that the EIR documents represent their complete and independent judgment and analysis.

The Planning Department will update this list on an as needed basis. This list is available at any of the following locations:

County Administrative Center, 4080 Lemon Street, 2nd Floor, in Riverside VIEW MAP
Desert Permit Assistance Center, 77-588 El Duna Court in Palm Desert VIEW MAP

For questions/comments regarding this list, email Darren Edgington at [email protected] 

Memorandum of Understanding Form