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Housing Element Update

HHDR/MUA MAPS for 2013-2021 HOUSING ELEMENT 6-23-15 (Updated 10-7-15) - updated information shown in red

The 22 23 maps in this file contain neighborhoods that have been identified for consideration for classification in the General Plan as either a Highest Density Residential (HHDR) or a Mixed Use Area (MUA) land use via the proposed General Plan Amendment No. 1122.  The County of Riverside is required by the state to rezone approximately 1,000 acres of land to the Highest Residential density of 20-40 units per acre.  Through an extended process, nearly about 1,700 parcels were identified throughout the county for potential re-designation and rezoning.  Maps of these sites were prepared to show the locations. These maps, (except for Thermal Town Center) were first introduced at three public workshops held on June 8 in Mecca, CA, June 9 in Mead Valley, CA and June 10 in Cabazon, CA.  The 22 23 maps are organized by the ten General Plan Area Plans where these maps are proposed to be embedded in the General Plan.

The HHDR and MUAs represent an intensification of the existing General Plan Land Use for each affected parcel.  The HHDR land use allows for the development of multiple family apartments and condominiums, including multi-story (3+) structures, with a density range of 20 to 40 dwelling units per acre.  A MUA is any urban, suburban or village development that blends a combination of residential, commercial, office, entertainment, education, recreational, cultural, institutional, or industrial uses where those functions are physically and functionally integrated.  Each proposed MUA has a HHDR percentage.  This is the percentage of land in the neighborhood that is proposed for residential density equivalent to an HHDR density.  Thus a neighborhood with a ‘MUA: 25% HHDR’ designation means that 25% of the land in the neighborhood is proposed to develop at 20-40 units per acre and the remaining can develop with a combination described above.

In September December 2015, a draft of the 2013-2021 Housing Element and an Environmental Impact Report will be released that will assess the relative impacts of the proposed land use changes.  With the release of these documents, the public will have an opportunity to formally comment on the changes.  The formal comment period will cover 45 days from the release of the EIR.  The comments will be reviewed and responded to over an anticipated one month period and addressed where appropriate with changes in the draft 2013-2021 Housing Element and the Environmental Impact Report.  A final draft 2013-2021 Housing Element and a final Draft Environmental Impact Report will be prepared and move forward to the public hearing process, which will provide the public another opportunity to provide comments.  It is anticipated that these documents will be presented to the Riverside County Planning Commission in late December 2015 to early January Spring 2016, followed by a Board of Supervisor’s hearing prior to adoption. 

Comments or suggestions on these maps should be sent to:

Bill Gayk, Planning Consultant
Riverside County Planning Department
4080 Lemon St., 12th Floor
Riverside, CA  92501
(951) 955-8514

Acreage of Proposed HHDR and MUA Sites for General Plan Amendment No. 1122


Summary Table of Acreage by Area Plans (Updated 9-30-15)


Index Map to HHDR MUPA Sites


HHDR_CountywideMap (updated 10-7-15)


Eastern Coachella Valley Area Plan Maps(3)





MUA_ThermalTownCenterGPLU (Added 9-30-15)


Elsinore Area Plan Maps(2)





Harvest Valley / Winchester Area Plan Maps(2)





Highgrove Area Plan Map(1)




Lakeview / Nuevo Area Plan Maps(2)





Mead Valley Area Plan Maps(3)






Southwest Area Plan Map(1)




Temescal Valley Area Plan Map(1)




The Pass Area Plan Map(1)




Western Coachella Valley Area Plan Map(6)