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Robertson's Ready Mix Vesting Determination Request

Documents for the Robertson's Ready Mix Vesting Determination Request are posted below:

Noticing Map - PAR210273
RRM Request Notice - PAR210273

Supplemental Documents
FINAL Letter re Supplemental Information 9.22.22
FINAL Memorandum Re Abandonment 9.22.22
FINAL Supplemental Appendix A-2 (Narrative) 9.22.2022
Supplemental Table A-1 3rd Party Parcels Without Vesting Determination
Supplemental Table A-2 Partially Vested 3rd Party Parcels
Supplemental Table A-3 Vested 3rd Party Parcels
Supplemental Table A-4 RRM Owned 3rd Party Parels
Supplemental Table A-5 (Re-Conveyance Parcels Not Seeking Vesting at This Time)

Supplemental Figures
HH VRA Parcel Map (9.21.2022 Supplemental) V2
Revised B-1.2
Revised B-1.3
Revised B-2.7
Revised B-3.9
Revised B-5.9

Supplemental Table A-1 Exhibits
S. Exh. 1.1 through 1.119

Supplemental Table A-2 Exhibits
S. Exh. 2.1 through 2.9

Supplemental Table A-3 Exhibits
S. Exh. 3.1 through 3.32

Supplemental Table A-4 Exhibits
S. Exh. 4.1 through 4.59

Appendix A - Title Exhibits
Appendix A - Exh. A-1 through A-34
Appendix A-11 (Revised)

Appendix B - Maps and Graphics
Appendix B - Complete
Errata B Table

Appendix C - Historial Record
Appendix C - Index
Appendix C - Docs Relating to County Approvals
Appendix C - Docs Produced by SMGB and Related Entities
Appendix C - Historical Newspaper Articles
Appendix C - Other Documents
Appendix C - Historical Aerial Photos

Appendix D - Geotechnical and LiDAR Analysis
Appendix D - Complete

RFD - County Application Materials
General Application Forms
2021-12-16 Letter to Charissa Leach
RRM RFD For VRA Application FINAL (12.16.2021)

PAR220019-DAC Comment Leter

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