Highway 74 Community Plan
Draft Hwy 74 Community Plan Maps

Map # 1 (Northenly of Ethanac Road)

Map # 2 (Southernly of Ethanac Road)

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The Planning Department is in the process of drafting a Community Plan for a 6.8-mile long portion of the Highway 74 corridor that begins at the City of Lake Elsinore and terminates at the City of Perris. The proposed Community Plan will address the recommendations of the Highway 74 Business Corridor Land Use Study that was completed in May 2016. This land use study was supported by an in-depth community outreach and public participation effort that engaged the local communities, business leaders, and key stakeholders. The proposed Community Plan will include a General Plan Amendment to modify the land use designations and policies, that guide development, on approximately 2,200 acres and over 900 parcels within the project area. The proposed Community Plan will also include a zone consistency program to ensure the areas General Plan Land Use Designation and Zone Classifications are consistent to streamline development review.


Conceptual Draft: Highway 74 Business Corridor Land Use Study

During the next few years, the Planning Department will undertake efforts to further refine the conceptual land use plan and develop guiding policies to implement the Community’s vision as described in the Conceptual Highway 74 Business Corridor Land Use Study.  This study was prepared by CASC Engineering and Consulting through extensive community outreach efforts and input (refer to Attachment A attached hereto and made a part hereof).  The study includes a preliminary proposal for land use designations modification to strengthen the region’s economic position with consideration of the County’s future jurisdiction over this segment of SR-74.  

Planning’s efforts to implement the Community’s vision will include evaluating land use patterns and policies that guide development within the 6-mile segment of SR-74 between the City of Perris and City of Lake Elsinore.  Planning will also evaluate the area’s zone, infrastructure capacity and design guidelines.  

Foundation Component General Plan Amendment No. 1205

The County-Initiated General Plan Amendment No. 1205 (GPA No. 1205) is the first step in evaluating the conceptual land use plan presented in the Highway 74 Business Corridor Land Use Study.  GPA No. 1205 proposes to amend the General Plan Foundation Component and accompanying land use designations of 503 parcels, totaling approximately 804 gross acres located generally in the Good Hope Community Area. GPA No. 1205 proposes to change the General Plan Foundation Component from from Rural (R) and Rural Community (RC) to Community Development (CD) and amend its Land Use Designations from Very Low Density Residential (VLDR) and Rural Residential (RR) to Medium Density Residential (MDR), Commercial Retail (CR), Light Industrial (LI), Mixed Use Area (MUA), and Very High Density Residential (VHDR). The Transportation and Land Management Agency - Planning Department has proposed this Foundation Component General Plan Amendment during the application window for the 2016 General Plan Review Cycle.   

GPA No. 1205 will involve different types of General Plan Amendment categories to adequately fold the Community’s vision and goals into the General Plan. The categories include “Entitlement/Policy Amendment” and “Foundation Component Amendment” and may expand into other categories upon further analysis.   

The proposed Foundation Component GPA No. 1205 land use map is shown on Attachment B and is a preliminary land use plan based on the community’s input and survey of existing land uses, terrain, development opportunities and constraints, and circulation patterns. Further modifications to the proposed land use plan are anticipated as a result of input from the General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC), Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors at the initiation stage; as well as modifications that may result from environmental analysis, future community outreach efforts and public hearings concerning the GPA.

GPA No. 1205 was initiated by the Board of Supervisors on April 11, 2017.

Project Planner

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