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Administrative Draft Housing Element 2013–2021

New: Administrative Draft Housing Element 2013-2021 - Appendix A & B Available

Administrative Draft Housing Element 2013–2021 - Appendix A & B Available


The Administrative Draft Housing Element 2013-2021 and Appendix A and B are available for review and comment.  These are key components of General Plan Amendment No. 1122.  The Draft Housing Element identifies and establishes the County’s policies with respect to meeting the housing needs of existing and future residents in Riverside County.  It establishes policies that will guide County decision-making and sets forth and action plan to implement its housing goals in the next eight years.  This document represents a substantial revision to the version released in December 2013.  The current version addresses numerous comments made by the State Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) and others from the public, as well as meeting a variety of conditions of the Housing Element 2006-2014 by HCD.

This Administrative Draft Housing Element 2013-2021 was transmitted to  HCD to initiate their 60 day statutory review.  The 60 day review period will end on March 21, 2016.  Any comments from the public should also be provided to the County by this date.

A Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) is being prepared for GPA No. 1122 and is anticipated to be released for public review and comment in the coming months.  This DEIR assesses the environmental impacts of GPA No. 1122 pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).  The entire draft GPA No. 1122 package will be released along with the DEIR to facilitate the state mandated review process prescribed by CEQA.  The formal comment period will cover 45 days from the release of the DEIR.  Comments received during this time will be reviewed and responded to as part of the public record.

 A final Draft Housing Element 2013-2021 and a Final Environmental Impact Report will be prepared and public hearings will be held before the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors later this year.  The public hearing phase of the process affords an additional opportunity to comment on GPA No. 1122 and/or the environmental document.


Housing Element_Public Review Draft_1.26.16.pdf

Appendix A_Additional Sites Inventory.pdf

Appendix B_ Area Plan Maps.pdf

Contact Information

Comments can be mailed to:

Bill Gayk, Planning Consultant

Riverside County Planning Department

4080 Lemon St., 12th Floor

Riverside, CA  92501

(951) 955-8514