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Northstar Specific Plan Amendment

Addendum to the NorthStar Specific Plan EIR for SP00343A02, GPA200005, CZ200025, PPT200021, and TPM38040

An Addendum to Environmental Impact Report (EIR) No. 470 for the NorthStar Specific Plan has been prepared to analyze the impacts of Specific Plan No. 343 Amendment No. 2 (SP00343A02), General Plan Amendment No. 200005 (GPA200005), Change of Zone No. 2000025 (CZ2000025), Plot Plan No. 2000021 (PPT200021), and Tentative Parcel Map No. 38040 (TPM38040).

The Specific Plan Amendment is a proposal to amend the existing Specific Plan by adding a Planning Area 11 for the purposes of accommodating a sports and events arena.  Existing Planning Area 8 primarily will be reduced in size to accommodate Planning Area 11 and Planning Areas 4, 6B, and 7 would also have boundary changes to accommodate Planning Area 11. The Specific Plan Amendment also proposes to incorporate guidelines for signs specific to Planning Area 11, including guidelines for digital signage. 

The General Plan Amendment is a proposal to modify the land use designations of the General Plan to match those as proposed by the Specific Plan Amendment, in particular to designate the proposed Planning Area 11 area as Commercial Tourist, and to modify Western Coachella Valley Area Plan Policy 15.4 to allow for alternative standards for free standing signs within Specific Plans with the inclusion of the following provision “e. the provisions of this policy shall not apply to signs and development located in a Specific Plan where the Specific Plan has sign design guidelines or standards”.

The Change of Zone is a proposal to modify the Specific Plan Zoning Ordinance text to accommodate the proposed Planning Area 11 and to define the Specific Plan Planning Area boundaries. 

The Plot Plan is a proposal to construct and operate a sports and events arena and hockey training facility totaling a maximum of 295,000 square feet with a maximum height of 58 feet above ground level on 44.41 gross acres with 3,000 parking spaces. 

The Tentative Parcel Map is a proposal to subdivide a 101.58 gross acre area into four parcels.

The Addendum to the EIR and its Appendices are available to the public via the links to the documents provided below. If you are unable to download or otherwise access these documents from the website, please contact Russell Brady via email or phone to arrange and alternate means of receiving the documents.

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