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NOA and completion of EIR for CUP03370R02

Notice of Availability and Completion for Environmental Impact Report

Notice of Intent to Consider an Addendum to a Mitigated Negative Declaration for Environmental Assessment No. 38638 adopted on July 1, 2003 for CUP03370R02


Project Information

CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT NO. 3370, REVISION NO. 2 – Intent to Consider an Addendum to a Mitigated Negative Declaration – Applicant: Clean Energy c/o Bradley Beaudette – Engineer/Representative: Clean Energy c/o Matthew Loser – First Supervisorial District – North Perris Zoning Area – Mead Valley Area Plan – Community Development: Commercial Retail (CD:CR) – Location: southeast corner of Cajalco Road/Ramona Expressway and Harvill Avenue – 11.50 Net Acres – Zoning: Scenic Highway Commercial (C-P-S) – REQUEST: CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT NO. 3370, REVISION NO. 2 is a proposal to replace the previously entitled drive-thru restaurants that were approved for Phase II of the Multi-Use Traveler Center with a Time-Fill Renewable Compressed Natural Gas (RCNG) Fueling Station. The RCNG Fueling Station would be a private parking lot operated by Clean Energy. The gated facility will include 93 parking spaces for fleet vehicles with time-fill fueling capabilities and 90 standard parking spaces for employees and fleet vehicle drivers. The proposal also includes a request to remove the 20-year life span previously set by CUP03370.

By this notice, the County is announcing the opening of the 10-day comment period (August 6, 2022, to August 16, 2022). All written comments must be received in writing by August 16, 2022, by 5:00 p.m. (end of the 10-day public review period). Please send all comments via mail to Riverside County Planning Department, Attention: Tim Wheeler, 4080 Lemon Street, 12th Floor, Riverside, CA 92501 OR via email to

PROJECT LOCATION: The Project site is located north of Cajalco Rd, west of Harvill Ave, east of Cajalco Expressway, and south of Harvill Ave and Cajalco Expressway.