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General Plan Amendment No. 960/EIR No. 521/CAP (March 2014)

GPA No. 960/EIR No. 521/CAP


General Plan Update - First Circulated Draft (March 2014)

This page addresses the original project documents released public review March 2014.  To view the Public Draft documents recirculated February 2015 or later items (Planning Commission documents, etc.), please click here.

In 2008, Riverside County embarked on its first General Plan review cycle since the adoption of the 2003 RCIP General Plan. General Plan Amendment (GPA) No. 960 was developed to ensure that the comprehensive plan of 2003 remains a useful blueprint for the county's growth. Accordingly, GPA No. 960 encompasses a variety of General Plan changes to promote focused and balanced growth, yet minimize potential adverse impacts to the environment. Specific changes are proposed throughout the various General Plan Elements and Area Plans, as well as its appendices. In conjunction with the GPA No. 960 effort, the county also prepared Draft Environmental Impact Report No. 521 and Draft Climate Action Plan (CAP).  NOTE: No zoning changes are proposed as part of GPA No. 960.

GPA No. 960 was adopted by the Riverside County Board of Supervisors on December 8, 2015. For a compiled General Plan Document that includes GPA No. 960 updates and all other General Plan amendments adopted by the County through December 15, 2015, please click here: Current General Plan

The individual Public Review Draft documents released for this project may be viewed at the links, below: 

Draft EIR Public Review Period:  May 1, 2014 -- June 30, 2014

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