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PPT210022, TPM38147

CEQ210040 for Plot Plan No. 210022 (PPT210022) and Tentative Parcel Map No. 38147 (TPM38147)

Notice of Availability (NOA) of Environmental Assessment No. CEQ210040 for Plot Plan No. 210022 (PPT210022) and Tenative Parcel Map No. 38147 (TPM38147). 

Project Information


Applicant requests approval of PPT210022 to allowthe development of two (2) 49,470 square foot warehouse buildings each with 2,500 square feet of office space.  Both Buildings will be provided with 16 loading docks, a separate truck trailer parking yard and a separate parking lot. The site will be subdivided to place each building on its own lot. Each building site meets parking standards independent of the other site including electrical vehicle requirements.  Building 1 is located on Parcel 1 and has 34 parking spaces and parking for 55 truck trailers.  Building 2 is located on Parcel 2 and has 35 parking spaces and parking for 76 truck trailers.  Tentative Parcel Map No. 38147 proposes a Schedule E subdivision of 9.8 gross acres into two (2) lots.  Parcel 1 has an area of 4.821 gross acres and 4.669 net acres.  Parcel 1 has an area of 4.986 gross acres and 4.759 net acres. The proposed project is located in the Mead Valley Area Plan within unincorporated Riverside County. The site is located at APN 314-091-005. 

By this notice, the County is announcing the opening of the 20-day comment period (March 1, 2022 to March 21, 2022). All written comments must be received in writing by March 21, 2022, by 5:00 p.m. (end of the 20-day public review period). Please send all comments via mail to Riverside County Planning Department, Attention: Manuel Baeza, 4080 Lemon Street, 12th Floor, Riverside, CA 92501 OR via email to


The Project site is located north of Perry Street, South of Markham Street, east of Beck Street and west of Seaton Avenue. The Project site is within the Mead Valley Area Plan. The APN of the site is 314-091-005. 


Contact Information


Manuel Baeza, Project Planner

Riverside County Planning Department
4080 Lemon St., 12th Floor
Riverside, CA  92501


Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration Documents