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Horsethief Canyon Ranch Addendum No. 1 to MND

GENERAL PLAN AMENDMENT NO. 01155, SPECIFIC PLAN NO. 152 AMENDED NO. 5, CHANGE OF ZONE NO. 07881, TRACT MAP NO. 37002 – Applicant: Sam Horsethief LLC – Engineer/Representative: Joel Morse (T&B Planning) - First Supervisorial District – Alberhill Zoning Area- Elsinore Area Plan: Community Development: Medium High Density Residential (CD:MHDR); Open Space: Conservation Habitat (CH); Open Space: Rural (OS:R); Community Development: Very High Density Residential (CD:VHDR) – Location: Easterly of Glen Eden Road, westerly of Horsethief Canyon Road, southerly of De Palma Road and northerly of Broken Bit Circle – 49 Gross Acres - Zoning: Specific Plan. 


The project has submitted a Specific Plan Amendment, a General Plan Amendment, Change of Zone    and a Tract Map application.  The requested entitlements below are considered the “Project”.

The General Plan Amendment would amend the General Plan Land Use Map to incorporate 1.3 acres of vacated right-of-way into Specific Plan 152 as Medium High Density Residential, change the General Plan Designations of two Areas and revise the designation boundaries of Areas 22-26. The Amendment will change the designation of Planning Area 22 from Very High Density Residential (CD-VHDR) to Medium High Density Residential (CD-MHDR). Planning Area 23 will change from Medium Density Residential (CD-MDR) to Medium High Density Residential (CD-MHDR), Areas 24, 25 and 26 will retain the existing General Plan Designations, however their boundaries will be revised per Specific Plan No. 152A5.

Change of Zone No.07881 applies to Planning Areas 22-25 of Specific Plan No. 152. This Change of Zone CZ 7881 proposes to amend the approved Specific Plan Zoning Ordinance text for SPA 3 (Ordinance No. 348.4291) to provide amended land use and development standards for the site and formalize planning area boundaries that reflect the refinements proposed as part of SPA 5.  This Change of Zone also proposes to change the zoning designation of the 0.7 acre of vacated and quitclaimed right of way located at the northeastern portion of the project sit from right of way (RW) Specific Plan (SP).

The Tract Map No. 37002 proposes a Schedule A subdivision of 49 gross acres into 229 proposed lots and one recreation site with a park on 1.6 acres and one recreation site with service road/trail on 3.8 acres; and one open space lot dedicated to the MSHCP open space on 6.2 acres to implement HCRSP Planning Areas 22, 23 and 24 and added Planning Area 25, and renumbered Planning Area 26.

The Specific Plan Amendment No. 5 to Specific Plan 152 proposes to modify the northern portion of the property which is summarized as follows:

  • • Eliminates the 210 townhomes and replaces them with 126 detached single family homes, resulting in a project wide decrease in 96  dwelling units.
  • • Reconfiguration of the boundaries of Planning Areas 22 through 25.
  • • Modifies the minimum lot sizes of Planning Areas 22 and 23.
  • • Incorporates 0.7 acres of right of way resulting in an increase of 2.3 acres to the boundaries of the specific plan, from 46.7 acres to 49 acres.  This increase of the Project site (and the overall Specific Plan No. 152) by 2.3 acres, which would reflect more precise surveying measurements in Planning Areas 22 through 26 and would incorporate new 1.6-acre parcel that comprises vacated right-of-way located at the corner of De Palma Road and Horsethief Canyon Road into Planning Area 22.
  • • Re-designation of Planning Area 22 from “Townhomes” to “Medium High Density Residential” with a maximum allowable density of 6.5 du/ac, which would accommodate the development of 126 single-family detached dwelling units.
  • • Re-designation of Planning Area 23 from “Medium Density Residential”, which allows 5,000 square foot lots to Medium High Density Residential, with a maximum allowable density of 6.6 du/ac accommodating the development of 103 single-family detached dwelling units.
  • • Re-designation of Planning Area 24 from “Recreation Center” to “Open Space – Recreation”.  The recreation center identified in Planning Area 24 would be replaced with a private park and the size of this planning area would be increased by 0.1 acre, resulting in a 1.6-acre recreation area.
  • • Addition of a new Planning Area 25 consisting of 3.8 acres designated “Open Space-Recreation” to accommodate a linear open space buffer between the Conservation Open Space in Planning Area 26 and residential development in Planning Areas 22 and 23 as well as a service road/trail.
  • • Re-numbering of Planning Area 25 to Planning Area 26 and re-designation from “MSHCP Open Space” to “Open Space – Conservation habitat.” 
  • • Removal of the previously identified operating gated entries on private roadways that would access the Project site from De Palma road and Horsethief Canyon Road in order to allow ungated vehicular access. The Faux Gates at each entry have been retained.

Overall, the modifications to the Horsethief Canyon Ranch Specific Plan (HCRSP) proposed under SPA 5 would reduce the maximum number of residential units throughout the Specific Plan area (Planning Areas 1 through 25) from 2,307 units to 2,211 units, increase the residential acreage within the Specific Plan area from 849.5 acres to 851.8 acres, and reduce the overall Specific Plan target density from 2.7 du/ac to 2.6 du/ac.  Additionally, SPA 5 would increase the amount of “Open Space-Recreation” acreage throughout the Specific Plan from 74 acres to 77.9 acres, while maintaining the amount of MSHCP Open Space at 6.2 acres. 

Contact Information

Brett Dawson, Project Planner

Riverside County Planning Department
4080 Lemon St., 12th Floor
Riverside, CA  92501
(951) 955-0972


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