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Cost Estimator

Riverside County Application Fee Estimator

The purpose of this fee estimator is to provide applicants with a generalized, ballpark average of the total fee amounts required for Riverside County to process the various types of projects listed below. However, this does NOT guarantee that the fees will always be within the range estimated. Every project is unique and may incur additional fees, due to complications resulting from, but not limited to, the project site being located in sensitive habitat or potential flooding areas, having access challenges, or have a potential for public opposition. This tool is intended to better inform applicants by providing an approximation of the total entitlement fee amounts. This estimator does NOT include post-entitlement approval fees, such as Development Impact Fees (“DIF”), Transportation Uniform Mitigation Fees (“TUMF”), or other construction permit related fees. You are encouraged to consult with the Building and Safety Department and other appropriate agencies to determine these post-approval fees.

Select Case Type(s):
Plot Plan - Major (Average Cost: $30,000)
Plot Plan - Minor (Average Cost: $20,000)
Plot Plan - Cell Tower (Average Cost: $15,000)
Plot Plan - Administrative (Average Cost: $1,000)
Conditional Use Permit - Construction (Average Cost: $30,000)
Conditional Use Permit - Cannabis (Average Cost: $25,000)
Conditional Use Permit - Alcohol License (Average Cost: $15,000)
Preliminary Application Review (Average Cost: $5,000)
Tentative Parcel Map (Average Cost: $25,000)
Tentative Tract Map (Average Cost: $35,000)
Development Agreement (Average Cost: $12,000)
Change of Zone (Average Cost: $15,000)
General Plan Amendment (Average Cost: $20,000)
Specific Plan (Average Cost: $50,000)
Select Level of Environmental Review (CEQA):
Categorical Exemption (Average Cost: $250)
Negative Declaration (Average Cost: $5,000)
Mitigated Negative Declaration (Average Cost: $6,500)
Environmental Impact Report (Average Cost: $20,000)
Environmental Impact Report Addendum (Average Cost: $12,000)
Select Hearing Type(s):
Directors Hearing (Average Cost: $1,500)
Planning Commission (Average Cost: $3,000)
Board of Supervisors (Average Cost: $3,500)
Board of Supervisors - Policy Item (Average Cost: $1,500)
Select Level of Project Controversy:
High Level of Public Concern (Average Extra Cost: 50% More)
Medium Level of Public Concern (Average Extra Cost: 25% More)
Low Level of Public Concern (Average Extra Cost: 0% More)
Select Project Group - Set or Stand-Alone
Multiple Case Types (Average Total Reduction When Grouped: -25% Reduction)
Single Case Type (Average Total Reduction When Not Grouped: 0% Reduction)