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2016 Foundation General Plan Amendment Cycle

2016 Foundation General Plan Amendment Cycle - Filing Period Now Closed

2016 Property Owner Initiated Foundation General Plan Amendment

Application Period: Monday, April 4 – Thursday, June 2

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What it is:

The Riverside County Planning Department will be accepting applications for Foundation General Plan Amendments (“FGPA”), from Monday, April 4, 2016 to Thursday, June 2, 2016, consistent with the County’s eight-year application cycle. During this application period, property owners seeking a change to their property’s General Plan Foundation Component are invited to submit a completed application for an FGPA to the Planning Department for consideration.



The completed FGPA application will be reviewed by County staff and facilitated in accordance with the 2016 Property Owner Initiated General Plan Foundation Amendment Process, which has two phases. Phase 1 includes a General Plan Initiation Proceeding (“GPIP”), which consists of application submittal, staff review, General Plan Advisory Committee (“GPAC”) review/recommendation, Planning Commission ("PC") review/recommendation, and a Board of Supervisors ("BOS") decision to either adopt or decline to adopt an order initiating proceedings for the proposed Foundation General Plan Amendment. Phase 2 focuses on processing the Foundation General Plan Amendment through final adoption, in conjunction with an Implementing Project.


Submittal Requirements:

Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit an Implementing Project in conjunction with their FGPA application during the application period of Monday, April 4, 2016 to Thursday, June 2, 2016. Should the Board of Supervisors initiate the proposed Amendment, then an Implementing Project will be required to be submitted within one year, so that an adequate land use and environmental analysis can be performed.

Application Documents: Filing Period Now Closed

FGPA Information Flyer (English):  2016_FGPA_Information_Flyer_ENGLISH.pdf
FGPA Information Flyer (Spanish):  2016_FGPA_Information_Flyer_SPANISH.pdf
FGPA Process: 
Form 11 - Board of Supervisors Report:  Form11_2016_FGPA_Report.pdf