NOC for EIR - Canterwood
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Notice of Completion (NOC) for Canterwood EIR (TTM37439, CZ1800007, PP180024) - Comment Period: February 10, 2020 to March 25, 2020

Notice of Completion for Environmental Impact Report Number

Notice of Completion (NOC) for an Environmental Impact Report for Canterwood which includes Tentative Tract Map No. 37439 (TTM), Change of Zone No. 1800007 (CZ), and Plot Plan No. 180024 (PPT) SCH#2018101010.

Comment Period

The comment period for the Notice of Completion is from February 10, 2020 to March 25, 2020.  

Project Information

PROJECT SUMMARY: The County of Riverside Planning Department will serve as the Lead Agency under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and will coordinate the public review of an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) that will evaluate the potential significant environmental impacts that may result from the proposed project. Sun Holland, LLC (project proponent) is proposing to process the above referenced entitlement actions through Riverside County which proposes a residential development that includes up to 574 single-family residential units on a 158-acre site located in the Winchester area of Riverside County, California located south of Holland Road, east of Leon Road, north of Craig Avenue, and west of Eucalyptus Road.  The Project also includes an offsite component that includes sewer, drainage, and road improvements from the residential component westerly along and south of Holland Road to Briggs Road.

 PROJECT LOCATION: The residential component of the Project is located within the Harvest Valley/Winchester Area Plan of the Riverside County General Plan, specifically located south of Holland Road, east of Leon Road, north of Craig Avenue, and west of Eucalyptus Road.  The off-site component is located west of Leon Road, along and south of Holland Road, and east of Briggs Road.

Contact Information


Russell Brady, Project Planner
Riverside County Planning Department
4080 Lemon St., 12th Floor
Riverside, CA  92501
(951) 955-0972

Draft Environmental Impact Report Documents

Canterwood Draft EIR

Draft EIR Technical Appendices

Appendix A (MMC Parcel Report)
Appendix B (Site Photos)
Appendix C (AQ Report)
Appendix D (GBRA-MSHCP)
Appendix E - Phase 1 Cultural Resources (Confidential, please contact Michael Merrill at (951) 955-2873)
Appendix F (Geo-Infiltration Report)
Appendix G (GHG Report)
Appendix H (Phase 1 ESA Channel and Res)
Appendix H Phase 1 Add Testing Res)
Appendix H (Phase 1 Sewer Lift Station)
Appendix I (WQMP)
Appendix I  (HYD Report)
Appendix J (Noise)
Appendix J (Initial Study - Paleo Report)
Appendix K (TIA Report)
Appendix L (AB 52 Notification)
Appendix M (Design Manual)
Appendix N (WSA Report)
Appendix O (SAN 53 Will Serve Letter)
Appendix P (VMT)
Appendix Q (TTM)
Appendix R (AQ & GHG Memo)