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Mailing Addresses

Riverside Office:

Riverside Co. Planning Department
4080 Lemon Street 12th Floor
P.O. Box 1409
Riverside, CA 92502-1409
Phone: (951) 955-3200 

Palm Desert Office:

Riverside Co. Planning Department
77588 El Duna Ct, Suite H
Palm Desert, CA 92211
Phone: (760) 863-8277 

A Guide to Finding the Right Number

The Riverside County Planning Department can be a very busy place. Frustration can build when trying to find and contact the correct person within the Department.  Please see the sections below for help choosing the correct phone number or e-mail to use when contacting Planning with your inquiry.

For Records Request please contact the Records Division at: (951) 955-2017 or visit the Records webpage

For Environmental Programs Department (ERP) please call: (951) 955-5719 or email at:

For Planning Land Use Inquiries please contact the Land Use Technician at: (951) 955-8632 or email at: 

For information regarding the cannabis permitting process and regulation, please refer to the Cannabis webpage or email at:

For General Information please call: (951) 955-3200 or (760) 863-8277 and email at:

Permit Assistance: Riverside (951) 955-1800 Fax: (951) 1806 or Desert: (760) 863-8277

Other TLMA contact: 

Administration Services: (951) 955-6838

Building & Safety: (951) 955-1800

Code Enforcement: (951) 955-2004 or (760) 393-3344

Transportation: (951) 955-6790 or (760) 863-8267