Equestrian Zoning
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Introduction - Equestrian Zoning

We have exciting news!  The Riverside County Planning Department is working to implement the Wine Country Community Plan.  The Temecula Valley Wine Country is a special place in Riverside, a place of business, horses, families and tourism.  Recognizing this, in 2014, the Board of Supervisors adopted the Wine Country Community Plan which consisted of revisions to the County General Plan, some new design guidelines and an all new set of zones that foster, encourage, and cultivate all the best aspects of the Wine Country.  See this link for more detail- http://www.socalwinecountryplan.org/

The County's next steps implementing the Wine Country Community Plan

At the time the plan was adopted, the actual zoning of the property within Wine Country was not changed.  New zones were created, but they were not applied at the time. 


The County is now starting an effort to actually change the zoning on some of the property in Wine Country, more specifically within the Wine Country- Equestrian districts.  We are not proposing to force this change on any property owner; rather, we are asking if anyone would like to have us change it for them.  If you would like to have us change the zoning on your property to the new zone (Wine Country- Equestrian (WC-E)) simply fill out the “Letter of Intent to Participate” located to the left, get that back to Planning Staff, and we will process the rest.[1]  There is no charge for your participation in this zone change.

[1] While this is a County Initiated zone change, the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors will still hold hearings on the proposal and has the discretionary right to approve or deny the project.  The text in this letter is not meant to imply that the Board will or will not approve the zone change.  

What does this Equestrian Zoning project mean to me?

So what does a zone change mean to you and your property?  The new zones do change some of the allowed uses, setbacks and other standards for the land.  To help explain this better we have a host of documents located to the left that explain in detail what the proposal will and will not do.  We will also be adding to the FAQ section of this page as more questions come in.   The links to the left include  full text of the adopted zones that exist in the area today, the full text of the new Wine Country- Equestrian zone, maps and much more.    If you have any questions feel free to contact Matt Straite at mstraite@rctlma.org.


Upcomming Meetings

Upcomming Meeting:

Planning Commission meeting April 15, 2015 at 4080 Lemon Street, Riverside CA 92501 at 9:00am in the 1st floor Board Chambers.

Past meetings:

We held a community meeting on February 26th from 6pm to 9pm at the Temecula City Library at 30600 Pauba Road, Temecula, CA 92592 in Community Room A. (see below for more details...)

Pros and Cons
February 26, 2015 Meeting
The Planning Department held a Community Meeting at the Temecula Public Library on February 26th 2015. Several people attended and shared cookies and questions. Please see the image to the right. We had a number of people join the voluntary zone change at the meeting; the effort is really gaining steam!

The Zone Change is now gearing up for its first public hearing before the Planning Commission. The project is scheduled for the April 15th meeting. These are open to the public. You can come listen, participate and share comments. We are sending out notices shortly for the hearing to all within the District and within 600 feet of the boundary. The Commission hearing will start at 9 am. Understand, this will be one item on their agenda, so we cannot say exactly what time the item will be before them, but the hearing (for all items) starts at 9am.

The Planning Commission is the first stop, the Zone Change will head to the Board of Supervisors after that, with our new Third District Supervisor presiding, Supervisor Charles “Chuck” Washington! Stay tuned for more information.