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REQUIRED: Supplemental Form for Deposit Based Fee(DBF) Applications


  • The following form is required for ALL DBF case types. Please refer to the Planning Dept. Fee Schedule to determine if your application type is Flat Fee or Deposit Based.

  •       Land Use & Permit Application Processing Agreement <==  (REQUIRED)

      One or more of the following forms may be required to be completed and submitted with your application type.  If the Checklist identifies the need for a Preliminary Project-Specific Water Quality Management Plan (WQMP), such a Plan must be prepared and submitted as well.

            Santa Ana River/San Jacinto River WQMP Checklist

            Santa Margarita River WQMP Checklist

            Whitewater River WQMP Checklist

            Indemnification Agreement Property Owner Information


    Development Applications - Sorted Categorically

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    Subdivision of Land & Development

    Specific Plans

    Environmental Review

    General Plan Amendments / Changes of Zone

    Crowing Fowl

    Agriculture Preserve / Agricultural Dwelling

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