Riverside County General Plan 2008
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Riverside County General Plan 2008

The comprehensive update to the General Plan was adopted in October 2003 as part of the Riverside County Integrated Project. Since its adoption eighty-three General Plan Amendments have been adopted by the Board of Supervisors through a series of resolutions as of December 2008. The amendments include land use designation, text and map (Land Use Element, Circulation Element, Area Plans, Policy Areas, etc.) modifications. A link to the General Plan Amendment Summary is provided below.The text and land use amendments have been incorporated into the General Plan document. Links to the updated General Plan (General Plan 2008) are also provided below.

Please note that the figures and maps have not been updated to reflect these amendments. The maps and figures will be updated in conjunction with the County’s Five-Year General Plan review and update efforts. Once the maps and figures are updated, they will be made available on-line. These maps and figures are for reference purposes only. For parcel specific details on the area of interest, please utilize the Riverside County Land Information System to generate various reports and maps.

Also, please note that the statistical summary (Table 2) of each Area Plan has been updated to reflect the land use designation amendments. However, the Overlays and Policy Areas statistical summary may be adjusted as part of the General Plan 2008 review and update efforts. The data found in Table 2 has a (+/- 1) statistical error due to the rounding of numbers.

General Plan 2008 Documents