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Environmental Justice Announcement
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Draft proposed policy and implementation language below.

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What is Environmental Justice? (¿Qué es Justicia Ambiental?)
Environmental Justice is defined by state law as, "the fair treatment of people of all races, cultures, and income with respect to development, adoption, implementation, and enforcement of environmental law, regulation, and policies" pursuant to the requirements of SB1000 (2017). Essentially, Environmental Justice is intended to create a equitable playing field for affected communities when it comes to laws, regulations, and policies that effect the environment and quality of life and health.
Environmental Justice state law requires the County to incorporate Environmental Justice policy into its General Plan to address reduction of health risks, promote civic engagement, and prioritization of captial improvements and services within "disadvantaged communities." A disadvantaged community ("EJ Community) is an area that is affected by environmental pollution and other hazards and is also typically an economically disadvantaged (e.g. low income) community.
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El estado de California define la justicia ambiental como "el trato justo de individuos de todas las razas, culturas y niveles de ingresos cuando se trata de desarrollar, adoptar, implementar y aplicar las leyes, reglamentaciones y principios ambientales" (Código de Gobierno §65040.12 ) Esencialmente, la Justicia Ambiental tiene la intención de crear un campo de juego equilibrado para las comunidades afectadas cuando se trata de leyes, regulaciones y políticas que afectan el medio ambiente, la calidad de vida, y la salud. 
La ley estatal requiere que el Condado incorpore la política de Justicia Ambiental en su Plan General para afrontar la reducción de los riesgos de la salud, promover el compromiso cívico, y la priorización de mejoramientos de infraestructura y servicios dentro de las "comunidades desfavorecidas". Una comunidad desfavorecida ("Comunidad de Justicia Ambiental") es un área que se ve afectada por la contaminación ambiental y otros peligros y también es típicamente una comunidad económicamente desfavorecida (por ejemplo, de bajos ingresos).
The Project (El Proyecto)

The Planning Department has completed the draft General Plan amendment document in compliance with SB1000.  The draft includes input from affected communities, MAC/CC members, the public, stakeholders, and the development community.  As a draft, the document has not yet been formatted into the General Plan.  Upon adoption after public hearings at the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors, the framework for compliance will become part of the Land Use Element.  The EJ policies will become part of the Healthy Communities Element.  Staff is preparing an Implementation Plan which will be posted at a later date.  The Implementation Plan is process based and subject to changes.  As such, it is being prepared as an appendix to the Healthy Communities Element, but will not be part of that element or the General Plan. 

The Riverside County Planning Department has completed workshops* throughout the County to inform the public about Environmental Justice and to receive public input and comments. These workshops are noted below. 
*If you were unable to attend one of the many workshops, you may click here to view the presentation from the Planning Commission workshop on June 5, 2019. 
Public Outreach
Workshop No. 1: May 20, 2019 (Thermal, CA)
·Notice: (English) (Spanish)
·Community Advisory Council Agenda: May 20, 2019
Workshop No. 2: May 30, 2019 (Thousand Palms, CA)
·Notice: (English) (Spanish)
·Community Advisory Council Agenda: May 30, 2019
Workshop No. 3: June 5, 2019 (Riverside, CA)
·Notice: (English) (Spanish)
·Presentation: EJ Presentation (PC)
* Please click here to view this video in its entirety.
Workshop No. 4: September 4, 2019 (Mead Valley, CA)
·Notice: (English) (Spanish)
·Community Advisory Council Agenda: September 4, 2019
Workshop No. 5: September 12, 2019 (Winchester)
·Notice: (English) (Spanish)
·Community Advisory Council Agenda: September 12, 2019
Workshop No. 6: October 23, 2019, at 5:00 PM (Mecca)
At the Mecca Boys and Girls Club
1391 66th Ave, Mecca, CA 92254
Outreach for Draft EJ Policies
We need your input on the draft policies! There are two opportunities to engage County staff:
Session 1 (January 28, 2021 from 3 - 5 p.m.) - Virtual Office Hours (talk to a planner): provides a virtual opportunities to sit down with County planners during office hours to discuss the policies or EJ in general.
Session 2 (January 30, 2021 from 10 a.m. - noon) - Policy Charrette: provides a virtual platform for discussion about EJ, specifically the proposed policies.
Session 3 (February 11, 2021 from 6-9 p.m.) - Policy Charrette: provides a virtual platform for discussion about EJ, specifically the proposed policies.
See flyer for detailed session information:
Questions? Contact Robert Flores by phone at (951) 955-1195 or by email at RFlores@rivco.org (Hablo Español)
Draft EJ Language and Policies

May 19th Planning Commission Drafts
Draft Land Use Element and Healthy Communities policy inserts (for EJ/GPA190004)(PDF) - May 2021
     - Good Neighbor Policy (Board Policy F-3)
Draft EJ Implementation Plan (PDF) - May 2021
Planning Commission Staff Report package

Previous Draft
Draft EJ Policies Language Document (PDF) ( As of 12/1/2020)