Riverside County Planning Department - Cultural Resource Review

Report review responsibilities for Archaeology reports have transferred to:

Office of the County Archaeologist, Heather Thomson.

Please contact the Archaeology Division at (951) 955-2873 for additional information.

Report review responsibilities for Paleontology reports have transferred to:

Office of the Associate Geologist, Dan Walsh.

Please contact the Geology Division at (951) 955-6187 for additional information.


Cultural Resource Review



Cultural Resources Pro-Seminar and Orientation Class Program Discontinued

Due to budget and staffing considerations, the County cancelled the December 2012 Cultural Resources Pro-Seminar and Orientation Class. Further, the County's Cultural Resources Pro-Seminar and Orientation Class program will also be discontinued indefinitely. Those already on the County's Cultural Resources Consultant List will remain on the list. Those wishing to be placed on the County's list will be required to meet the minimum requirements dictated by the Secretary of the Interior for Archaeology and will also be required to sign an MOU with the County (as previously required).




Please contact the County Geologist at (951) 955-6892 if you have any questions.


2015 Requirements Changes:

As of July 1, 2015, all cultural resources reports prepared for proposed private development projects within the unincorporated County of Riverside shall be submitted directly to the office of the County Archaeologist for review. One wet-signed and certified original paper copy of the report for review is preferred; however, electronic submittal (.pdf format) of technical reports is also acceptable. Primary and trinomial site numbers are to be included as are all pertinent data, site records and exhibits to allow for comprehensive review by the County Archaeologist. Once the report has been approved by the County Archaeologist, the consultant will be notified to submit one wet-signed original and certified paper copy of the final report and one PDF-formatted disc copy of the final report.


Reports are to be submitted directly to:



County of Riverside

Planning Department

Heather Thomson

County Archaeologist

4080 Lemon Street, 12th Floor

Riverside, CA 92501





(951) 955-2873







Qualification Requirements for Archaeologists & Cultural Resource Managers

Notification of Consultant to Prepare Archaeological Report

Click link below for notification form:

Notification to Prepare Form


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Level of Significance Checklist (Attachment F-6)

Phase I, II, III, & IV: Archaeological Survey Report Outline (updated 01/10)