Cabazon Community Plan
On April 18, 2017, the Board of Supervisors accepted the recommendations from the Planning Commission and the General Plan Advisory Committee and voted unanimously to initiate General Plan Amendment No. 1206 constituting an update to the Cabazon community plan.  The Board action requested that Planning Department staff undertake a review of existing and anticipated land use patterns and potential for development and growth.  The primary purpose of the Board’s action was to change selected community plan land use designation areas from Rural and Rural Community to Community Development recognizing that the area will be undergoing mid- and longer term changes to allow for increased residential, commercial and employment uses.  The first step in this effort was the adoption of the County’s General Plan Housing Element on December 6, 2016 which established areas designated to accommodate mixed use and higher density residential use, primarily along the I-10 corridor.
The Project

The Cabazon Community Plan area generally extends along the I-10 corridor from the Banning city limit to encompass the portions of the San Gorgonia and White Water residential communities north of the Haugen-Lehmann interchange, but not including the tribal land of the Morongo Band of Mission Indians (the Tribe).  Scattered residential development is located throughout the community within an overall area characterized by natural terrain and scenic beauty.  Cabazon’s retail outlet shops is the most developed area which transitions east to include the Morongo Resort and Casino on tribal land.

The intent of the community plan update is to plan for and allow managed and phased growth in a 5 to 15 year period and beyond to include additional residential, commercial and employment uses with the initial effort and first phase to concentrate on an area designated as the community core, generally extending from the outlet shops and adjacent lands to the north and south of I-10, extending to the east generally to the Main Street interchange.  The planning effort will rely on a reality-based market viability analysis of promoting new uses and expanding existing successful ones.  In addition to market viability, a significant constraint to development and growth is the ability to expand infrastructure, particularly water and sewer service as well as roads.  The most significant natural constraint is the northwest to southeast trending drainage courses which clearly define the developable areas.  The potential for preserving significant open space areas for passive and active recreational use also complement and shape the future developed areas.

In addition to coordination with the community and stakeholders, the outreach effort for preparation of the community plan update will involve coordination with the Tribe, especially with respect to providing for and sharing of future infrastructure facilities.


The Cabazon community planning effort has been place on hold indefinitely due to budgetary constraints. No further planning will occur at least to the end of this fiscal year. If you have any questions, please contact Peter Hersh by phone at (951) 955-8514 or by email at