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Riverside County General Plan

About the General Plan Editions

A General Plan is required by State law and is the County's over-arching policy document for land use matters. It determines what the housing needs will be, how roads will be placed, and where commercial and industrial uses will be situated throughout the County for the next 20 years and beyond. The General Plan Elements (see Item 1., below) generally discuss countywide policies and plans. The Area Plans (see items 2 and 3, below) within the General Plan address regional issues and policies, to address the special needs of each unique community within the County. Lastly, the Area Plans contain parcel-level maps that indicate the General Plan "land use designation" for each property subject to County jurisdiction. Per State laws, a parcel's zoning will have to be brought into compliance with the General Plan (for example, the site's land use designations) before a project can be approved. 

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The Riverside County RCIP General Plan was adopted October 7, 2003, and has had a number of revisions in the intervening years pursuant to adopted General Plan Amendments.  A history of these revisions is provided in item 5, at the bottom of this page. 

Most Current General Plan Documents

The General Plan documents listed below comprise the current General Plan, as updated to reflect all adopted General Plan Amendments through the date shown.

Please note that the statistical summary (Table 2) in each Area Plan has been updated to reflect changes to land use designations resulting from General Plan Amendments. The data found in Table 2 has a (+/- 1) statistical error due to the rounding of numbers.

The figures and maps have been updated in the version of the current General Plan posted below. These maps and figures are to be used for reference purposes only. For parcel specific details on the area of interest, please utilize the Map My County GIS system to generate various reports and maps.

General Plan Documents:
Effective Date (12/15/2015 – Includes 4th General Plan cycle of 2015)

1) General Plan
2) Area Plan Volume 1
3) Area Plan Volume 2
4) Technical Appendices
5) Update History
6) General Plan Amendment - Not yet incorporated into General Plan documents