Rio Vista EIR NO. 550
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Rio Vista - NOA for EIR No. 550 - Comment Period: March 23, 2018 to May 7, 2018

Notice of Availablity for Environmental Impact Report No. 550

Notice of Availability (NOA) for Environmental Impact Report (EIR) No. 550 for Rio Vista, which includes Change of Zone (CZ) No. 7869, Tentative Parcel Map (PM) No. 36664 and Tentative Tract Map (TR) No. 36665. SCH#2016051062.

Notice of Availability (PDF)

Comment Period

The comment period is from March 23, 2018 to May 7, 2018 at 5:00 p.m.

Project Information

: The Riverside County Planning Department is currently reviewing a project that requires an Environmental Impact Report in the Lakeview/Nuevo Area. The Rio Vista Project site is approximately 244.78 acres and will consist of residential, recreational and Western Riverside County Multi-Species Habitat Conservation Plan conservation area uses. The Project proposes to subdivide 171.68 acres into 599 lots. The proposed Project includes 584 single family dwelling units on approximately 92.38 acres. In addition, the Project will include 10 open space and park lots on approximately 25.80 acres, 3 water quality and retention basin lots on approximately 8.17 acres, and 2 Eastern Municipal Water District lift station lots on approximately 1.53 acres. The remaining approximately 43.80 acres will be dedicated right-of-way for roadways and a regional trail easement and 71.2 acres will be conserved.

PROJECT LOCATION: The proposed project is located in the unincorporated community of Nuevo, Riverside County, California. The Project site is located south of Nuevo Road, north of San Jacinto Avenue, east of Dunlap Drive, and west of Pico Avenue. The Project site is bounded by the San Jacinto River on the south and east. The Project is located in portions of Section 26 and 27, Township 4 South, Range 3 West, San Bernardino Baseline.

Contact Information

Deborah Bradford, Project Planner
Riverside County Planning Department
4080 Lemon St., 12th Floor
Riverside, CA  92501
(951) 955-6646

Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) Document (PDF)

Rio Vista Draft Environmental Impact Report (Volume 1)

Technical Appendices Document (PDF)

Volume 2: DEIR No. 550 Technical Appendices (Full Volume)

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