NOC for EIRNo. 542 for La Ventana Ranch TR36785
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NOC for EIR No. 542 and TR36785 La Ventana comment period 10-30-15 to 12-14-15

Notice of Completion for Environmental Impact Report Number 542


Notice of Completion (NOC) for Environmental Impact Report No. 542 (EIR) for La Ventana Ranch which includes a Change of Zone (CZ) No. 7856, General Plan Amendment No. 1129, and Tract Map No. 36785. 

Comment Period


The comment period for the Notice of Completion is from October 30, 2015 to December 14, 2015.


Project Information


PROJECT SUMMARY: The project developer, Global Investment & Development, proposes to obtain entitlements:  General Plan Amendment (GPA) No. 1129; Change of Zone No. 7856; and Tentative Tract Map No. 36785 on 170 acres.  In this case, the GPA will revise the Land Use Designation from RC:EDR to CD:MDR.  Approval of the GPA would also remove the Estate Density and Rural Policy overlay from the project site. The proposed project consists of 514 residences; onsite infrastructure to support these residences; parks to meet Project specific and regional needs; and offsite infrastructure to support the proposed project and adjacent proposed high school uses.   The following represent the proposed projects objectives:  Develop a master planned community consisting of traditional and innovative housing opportunities and recreational areas; Support establishment of a community wide circulation system that meets community needs and a variety of transportation modes; Develop a suburban residential environment that is visually attractive and efficient; Support extension of roadway and utility infrastructure of sufficient size to accommodate the proposed project and adjacent proposed high school; and Create an area-wide community park to serve the adjacent school and area population.


PROJECT LOCATION: Unincorporated Western Riverside County, within but near the southern edge of the Sun City/Menifee Valley Area Plan (SC/MVAP) planning area in the southwestern portion of the community of Winchester.


Contact Information


Brett Dawson, Project Planner
Riverside County Planning Department
4080 Lemon St., 12th Floor
Riverside, CA  92501
(951) 955-0972

Draft Environmental Impact Report Documents

Draft EIR 542.pdf Download
Figure 4-11-2 (Hwy 79 Policy).pdf Download

Draft Environmental Impact Report Technical Appendices

01 EIR 542 (Volume 2 - Cover & TOC).pdf Download
Appendix 01 (AQ Report).pdf Download
Appendix 02A (MSHCP).pdf Download
Appendix 02B (DBESP).pdf Download
Appendix 03A (Phase I Report).pdf Download
Appendix 03B (Phase II Report).pdf Download
Appendix 03C (SB18 Consultation Info).pdf Download
Appendix 04 (Geotechnical).pdf Download
Appendix 05 (GHG & Energy Reports).pdf Download
Appendix 06 (Phase 1 ESA).pdf Download
Appendix 07A (Hydrology).pdf Download
Appendix 07B (SA WQMP).pdf Download
Appendix 07C (SMR WQMP).pdf Download
Appendix 07D (Approved WSA).pdf Download
Appendix 08 (Noise Study).pdf Download
Appendix 09 (Fiscal Impact Report).pdf Download
Appendix 10A (TIA w-appendices).pdf Download
Appendix 10B (Hwy 79 Letter).pdf Download