Lakeland Village Community Plan


Beginning in late 2014, the County of Riverside initiated General Plan Amendment (GPA) No. 1156, which focused on the Community of Lakeland Village located on the western side of Lake Elsinore along Grand Avenue. GPA No. 1156 removed the Lake Elsinore Environs Policy Area, and created the Lakeland Village Policy Area (LVPA). The LVPA consists of approximately 2,626 acres, and allowed the County to conduct a limited community scale review of the area, including designation of lands as Mixed Use Area (MUA) and the establishment of Gateway areas throughout the corridor. GPA No. 1156 was approved by the Riverside County Board of Supervisors in April of 2017.

Due to the Riverside County General Plan Certainty System, General Plan Land Use Designations are divided into two components- Land Use Foundation Component and Land Use Designation. Each parcel is located in a Land Use Foundation Component, and is also assigned a specific land use designation. Under the Certainty System, a General Plan Foundation Component can only be modified every eight years, when the Foundation Cycle opens. In 2017, the General Plan Foundation Cycle opened, and allowed for initiation of Foundation Component changes. In 2016, the Riverside County Planning Department initiated a Foundation Component General Plan Amendment (GPA No. 1208) to allow for further community level review in the Lakeland Village Policy Area. 
The Project

GPA No. 1208 consists of General Plan Land Use updates within the Lakeland Village Policy Area, including General Plan Foundation Component updates which were not allowed during the GPA No. 1156 process. GPA No. 1208 generally focuses on parcels located within the southern portion of the LVPA and other areas, specifically:

  1. Parcels directly adjacent to Grand Avenue in the Rural Community Foundation Component
  2. Parcels along Lake Elsinore within the mapped County Special Flood Hazard Area to better reflect current floodplain mapping
  3. Parcels within or adjacent to the Rural Mountainous  areas west of Grand Avenue to reflect new topographical mapping data
  4. Limited sites located throughout the LVPA where minor land use modifications are warranted

While the project includes Foundation Component and use designation changes within the GPA No. 1208 boundary, technical changes may also be made in other areas within the LVPA boundary. For the project boundary, which is also the LVPA boundary, refer to Exhibit 1 for GPA No. 1208 (found in to the left). To review the existing Land Use Designations for the site, refer to Exhibit 2, Existing Land Use Designations Map (also found in the Helpful Links to the left), which includes the revisions made by GPA No. 1156.

Beyond land use changes, GPA No. 1208 will also include a review of existing General Plan policies specifically related to the LVPA. Policies will focus on Mixed Use Areas along the Grand Avenue corridor.
Community Outreach

Get involved! The Riverside County Planning Department will hold several meetings and workshops in Lakeland Village to seek community input for the expansion of the community plan. Community input will help define policies and design features that will shape the future of development for Lakeland Village.

Lakeland Village Outreach

CAC Meeting No. 1: Project Introduction at the Lakeland Village Community Advisory Council - February 22, 2017

Community Outreach No. 1: Community Input on Lakeland Village Community Plan and Design Guidelines - March 22, 2017

Community Outreach No. 2: Community Input on Land Use, Policy and Zoning - June 21, 2017

CAC Meeting No. 2: Final Draft Lakeland Village Community Plan presented to the Lakeland Village Community Advisory Council - TBD

Questions: Contact Robert Flores by phone at (951) 955-1195 or by email at

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